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ER Health Clinic is a community based practice to support the local community in mental health. We provide quality bulk billing psychological services to support the most vulnerable in the local community in mental health. Clients have no out of pocket expense, when referred by a GP/Paediatrician/Psychiatrist through the Mental Health Care Plan prior to 1 July 2018. After 1 July 2018, there will be a slight change to the bulk billing criteria however, no existing clients will be affected. Please see the referral and fees tab for more information. Our psychologists are carefully selected and are highly qualified practitioners with Doctoral or Masters qualifications in clinical psychology (or Candidates) with at least 6 years of training. We also provide counselling services for non-English-speaking Vietnamese people.

range of common psychological problems

✓ Acute Psychotic Disorder
✓ Adjustment Disorder
✓ Addictions
✓ Alcohol Use Disorder
✓ Attachment Concerns
✓ Anger
✓ Anxiety Disorders
✓ Assertiveness Skills
✓ Behavioural Issues
✓ Bereavement Disorder
✓ Bipolar Disorder
✓ Chronic Psychotic Disorder
✓ Conduct Disorder
✓ Depression
✓ Dissociative Disorder
✓ Drug Use Disorder

✓ Eating Disorder
✓ Generalised Anxiety Disorder
✓ Mixed Depression & Anxiety
✓ Pain Disorder
✓ Panic Disorder
✓ Perfectionism and Self-Criticism
✓ Personality Disorder
✓ Phobic Disorder
✓ Relationship Difficulties
✓ Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence Issues
✓ Self-Harm Behaviours
✓ Sleeping Problems
✓ Stress & Coping
✓ Unexplained Somatic Conditions

We Also Conduct

Medicolegal issues

Insurance claims

Worker’s compensation

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ER Health Clinic is a community based practice to support the local community in mental health.

PO Box 74, Inala Qld 4077

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